Preventing Pain after Whiplash: Car Accident Plymouth MN

Nov 12, 2015

After anyone has been in a car accident it is important to get an injury evaluation performed by a chiropractor trained in car accident injuries.  Any area of the neck and back that has soft tissue damage, whether slight or severe, needs to be treated so it can heal properly.  If your spine heals wrong it will never be the same. Signs of soft tissue damage are symptoms such as pain, tight muscles, feeling added tension, stiffness, muscle spasms, achy feeling and headaches.  If you have any one of those symptoms there was likely damage that occurred. Sometimes these symptoms might not develop for weeks or even months after an accident. After hearing the history of your case and a careful injury evaluation and assessment of the spine a chiropractor will be able to determine the severity of the injury and design a treatment plan to best help your injuries heal.

Receiving care and getting evaluated right after an injury is very important for good recovery. It allows for treatment to take place before the damage becomes permanent and chronic neck and back pain from whiplash can take place. Reducing the swelling, pain, muscle tension, and restoring proper movement of the spine will allow patients to have a faster and more complete recovery.

A chiropractor will approach whiplash injuries by manual manipulations to the spine in order to help restore proper movement of the joints. By working on any areas that are stiff or joints that are fixated it will help allow that spinal and its soft tissues heal quicker and reduce the amount of scar tissue formation from the injury. A care plan with specific treatment options will be created to their specific injury in order to reduce their pain and discomfort.

Once the pain and injury symptoms in the neck and back are under control, the chiropractor will change its focus to restoring the movement, function and strength in the spine. As your condition improves a gradual change in confidence will be restored. Patients can return to work, daily activities and a normal schedule with a reduced amount of discomfort and pain. Although many patients are hesitant to return to normal activities and engage in them fully, it is important for the rehabilitation of the neck and back. After confidence has returned to complete normal activities, exercising the area of whiplash injury may be recommended. This will allow for normal movement and strength to return to the neck and back. Your chiropractor will give specific exercises and stretches that can be done.

Once normal movement is restored a patient will usually remain on maintenance to ensure proper repair and remodeling of the spine and its muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs. The goal is to get the injured tissue as close to 100% as possible.

If you have been in a car accident and experiencing any symptoms you sustained injury to your neck and back, call your Plymouth chiropractor at (763) 432-2736 or our website at .  We are experts in treating car accident injuries.

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